Lotus Cleaning provides best Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne services, Call on 0425 029 990 for On Site Curtain Cleaning Melbourne services.

Lotus Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne removes stains, Dirt and soiled areas, kills Dust mites, Fungal Spores and 99.9% of Bacteria. Curtain Steam cleaning Melbourne method not only ensures the removal of Stains, Dirt, dead skin cells that feed Dust mites but also sanitizes the Curtains by ridding them off the Dust mites, Fungal Spores and other Micro-organisms. Our Unique equipment and Steam Cleaning Method involves agitating the dirt particles through Hot and Dry Steam injection and Extraction at the same time.

Lotus Cleaning Melbourne is delivering best Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne, for any size of curtains. For Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne, Call on 0425 029 990 new messages for free quote.

Lotus Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne Benefits

  • On Site Curtain Cleaning Melbourne - as they hang in place. You will not have to be concerned about taking your curtains down and you will not have to worry about getting them up again.

  • Pretesting your curtains in an unseen area to carefully check that they are safe for cleaning.

  • All loose dust vacuumed with our special curtain cleaning tools, before deeper cleaning to remove embedded dust, stains and odours.

  • The gentle handling of your curtains to ensure that no damage is caused to delicate fabrics.

  • The uses of specialist cleaning solutions and solvents, which eliminates the risk of colour change or colour blending.

  • The application of stain protectors, which will result in your curtains staying cleaner for longer.

  • The knowledge that full qualified professionals have cleaned your curtains to remove all dust, dirt, stains, odours and pollutants.

Features of Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne

High quality Curtain Cleaning :

Curtains acts as an air filter, they catch airborne dust and odors that affects the people inside your home or work area. Mould on drapes can affect the health of your family, so don’t let it get worse. Steam Cleaning enhances the life of your Curtains. Curtain Steam Cleaning is 100% Green and thus safe for your Family's health and our Environment. It save massively on Water.

Removes Stubborn Stains And Odors :

Lotus Curtain Steam cleaning Melbourne helps to eliminate the bad odors and stains from your curtains. It can also get rid of stubborn stains. Regular cleaning will extend the life of window furnishings, saving money on full refurbishments in the long run. This cleaning technique can essentially prolong your curtain’s life and revive its fancy looks.

Gentle On Fabrics :

The steam works its way through the threads of the cloth and removes any trapped dust without damaging the fabric.

Nowadays, steam cleaning is amongst the most preferred ways for curtains cleaning Melbourne as well as all over the world.

We are specialist in cleaning :

  • Theatre Curtains

  • Interlined Curtains

  • Stage Curtains

  • Thermally Lined Curtains

  • Large Commercial Curtains

  • Flame Proofing

  • Blinds

  • Pelmets

We offer on site curtain cleaning service and blind cleaning of anything from large theatrical curtains, thermally lined curtains to hotel bedroom curtains and blinds of all varieties, all cleaned effectively with no drying time, saving you time and money.

Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtains cleaning form a basic part of residential cleaning and with Lotus Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne, it shouldn’t be very difficult. We offer same day curtain cleaning services Melbourne to keep your curtains clean and healthy through the latest cleaning techniques, equipment and materials. We also offer same day curtain cleaning for Residential as well as Commercial areas. Whenever you require urgent curtain cleaning, just call us and our curtain cleaners Melbourne will be there in very short time and provide the best service with 100% satisfaction.

Our Curtain Cleaners Melbourne will come to your home with all the necessary equipment and will clean your curtains so that they do not have any dust, grime or dirt. You will not have to spend your valuable time or effort cleaning your curtains or send them off and pick them up from cleaners.

On Site Curtain Cleaning Melbourne : Call Now On 0425 029 990

Lotus Cleaning Melbourne is probably the best curtain cleaning company in Australia that uses latest steam cleaning machines to not only clean curtains but sanitize and deodorize your curtains right where they are hanging !

At Lotus Cleaning Melbourne, we use a gentle washing process and natural drying. No solvents are used in the process either.

We Steam Clean Curtains in your premises without removing them, Curtain Steam cleaning is carried out on-site. We use the proper equipments and non toxic / eco friendly chemical to remove bacteria and odour. It will refresh the curtains. We strive to ensure the best possible curtain steam cleaning services are provided for every visit we make.

After drying, curtains are checked for shrinkage, the hems are adjusted back to the original length and minor blind repair are attended to before the curtains are returned to the customer.

Why Choose Lotus Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne

  • Fully trained and certified staff

  • Special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas, pet stains and odour

  • Free curtain pickup facility

  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Pre vacuum, pre spray, shampoo and deodorizing – all in one price

  • Competitive and Affordable prices

  • All materials and equipment provided

  • No extra charges or hidden surprises

  • Convenient, quick appointments

  • We Provide Same day curtain cleaning Melbourne

Professional Curtain Cleaners Melbourne

Lotus Curtain Cleaners Melbourne are knowledgeable and fully qualified to carry out curtain steam cleaning professionally. We use professional equipment that allows cleaning your curtains while they are hanging in place.

Our proven curtain steam cleaning process gently removes mould and mildew, odours, water staining and other marks from all fabric window treatments, leaving them fresh, deodorised and beautiful.

At Lotus Cleaning, curtain cleaners Melbourne are fully trained and will be able to give advice and recommend the appropriate treatment for different type of curtain texture. Some fabrics are not suitable for steaming however a curtain dry cleaning melbourne service can be provided instead.


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