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We are the best and the most reliable dry cleaning company offering all types of domestic and commercial curtain dry cleaning services. At Lotus Cleaning AreaName, we understand that your curtains matters a lot to your house or office and we are committed to ensure that your curtains remain looking new and in their original form.

We understand that the beauty of your windows depend on the cleanliness of your curtains. Unlike other dry cleaning companies in Australia, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and money comes last. We treat our customers like family and we expect them to pay when they are completely satisfied. You can request for a refund anytime you are unsatisfied with our services.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Dry cleaning Melbourne is the most effective way to rid your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. Whether it's a single pair of curtains or elaborate swags and tails, we have the expertise to restore them to their former glory.

Our Professional Curtain Cleaners offers the best curtain cleaning service that removes the microscopic particles to create a healthier and cleaner environment. We dry clean your curtains according to their specific care label instructions and hand finish them, giving you the best results possible.

Dry powder or a professional solved is applied to the item and carefully rubbed in with rotating brushes. It effectively loosens the accumulated dust and deodorise the piece. At the end of curtain or blinds cleaning, it is thoroughly vacuum cleaned to removes all substances and dirt.

Benefits of Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

There are many benefits to sending your curtains for dry cleaning services. Firstly, as previously mentioned, dry cleaning your curtains help to preserve the quality of the curtain, and to allow it to have a longer lifespan. It also prevents shrinkage and the formations of wrinkles on the curtains compared to the outcome when using the washing machines and dryers. Other than that, the solvent used in dry cleaning acts as a powerful reagent which is able to remove any stubborn or tough stains which might have stained the curtains and it is also able to remove moulds or fungus growth and bad odour as well. All these will ensure that your curtains are sparkling clean. Also, this will prolong the lifespan of your curtains and you will be able to use them for a longer period of time.

Despite the apparent benefits of pursuing the curtain dry cleaning services available throughout Melbourne, most households do not really send their curtains for dry cleaning and instead option to clean them mainly through the washing machines. The main reason is the cost is simply not worth it. Some people do not think it is worth it to dry clean due to its high cost. Ultimately, it is up to you to weigh and compare the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Curtain Laundry Melbourne

We offer the quality Curtain laundry cleaning service to both commercial and domestic customers. Why not try our Professional Curtain Cleaners laundry service, for a perfectly clean and crease free finish without the hassle

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Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne : We offer Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne service for customers with urgent curtain steam cleaning melbourne requirements. Lotus Professional Curtain Cleaners arrange quick appointments and provide best curtain and blind cleaning melbourne with 100% customer satisfaction.


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