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Here at Lotus Curtain Cleaning services Melbourne, we offer a professional specialist service for the cleaning of curtains cleaning Melbourne, drapery cleaning Melbourne and blinds cleaning  Melbourne.

No matter the fabric, our team of professionals have the know how and expertise to remove mildew, mould, watermarks, stains, nicotine and more from your window coverings – leaving them looking good as new.

For Professional Curtain Cleaning Service in Melbourne, Call now on 0425 029 990. Our technicians are knowledgeable, well trained for both curtain dry cleaning and steam curtain cleaning Melbourne. Our Company offers customer oriented, efficient curtain cleaning Melbourne service for residential and commercial properties.

Hire Professional Curtain Cleaner Melbourne

It is always important to keep in mind that curtains are one of the most visible items inside your house or office and therefore, should be kept clean. We offer a comprehensive curtain cleaning Melbourne service that includes full non-shrinkage guarantees and ensures total satisfaction. Dust and dirt gradually piles up on its surface which is why you may have to clean those curtains on a regular basis.

Being curtain cleaners, we can advise on every aspect of care and maintenance of curtains, pelmets, swags, tails, festoon blinds, Austrian blinds, lace curtains, voile nets; the list is virtually limitless. Now, curtain cleaning can be quite challenging if you have many windows in your house. This is one of the primary reasons why people need curtains cleaning services Melbourne.

Curtains are made out of various materials

Different type of curtains require different cleaning techniques. Our cleaners use different techniques, including dry curtain cleaning and steam cleaning according to curtain material. We use special cleaning solutions and powerful extraction machines for Curtain Cleaning Melbourne to remove pollutants, dirt, soil, and harmful bacteria.

Lotus Cleaning Melbourne provide a specialist curtain cleaning service to ensure they look their finest. Curtains require some technical expertise and Lotus Cleaning Melbourne have 10 years of experience.

At our free site visit, we will assess your curtains. Our system is perfect for cleaning curtains made from a number of materials including silk, velvet, chintz, embroidered and other delicates.

Lotus Curtain Cleaners Melbourne will carefully examine your curtains and will determine which cleaning method is going to be the best to clean your curtain and will apply it carefully.

Specialist Curtain Cleaning Melbourne :

We follow several steps curtain cleaning process that includes the removal and measurement of curtains, pre cleaning treatment and pre spotting of any existing stains, thorough cleaning, hand finishing and folding before returning the curtains when they are rehung and re-pleated – leaving you with beautifully cleaned and carefully reinstalled curtains.

We use those processes that are based on the latest technologies and utilize the most advanced products. Our methods completely clean your curtains, increasing their total life and providing them the new look that you so desire. Our processes consist of several stages.

  • Pre Inspection : Our well trained curtain cleaners test all curtains for fastness and dye bleed to help choose the correct cleaning method.

  • Curtain Vacuuming : Our curtain cleaners performs vacuuming on your curtains to ensure all dust and dirt is removed prior to any wash treatments.

  • Pre Spotting : Our technicians use best spot and stain removal techniques to ensure the very best results.

  • Full Immersion Wash : Combined with water and wash detergents ensuring your curtains are protected, we use eco-friendly products for curtain cleaning.

  • Drying : We ensure our technicians carefully dry your curtains using our advance drying system.

  • Delivery : Your valuable curtains are delivered back to you, we can rehang your newly cleaned curtains for you.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning your curtains by this method has other advantages. Curtain dry cleaning, mainly used for some delicate textile fabrics. This method uses a minimal amount of liquid and a blend of compounds for restorative cleaning. There is no headache when it comes to rehanging, and we guarantee no shrinkage or loss of shape.

Dry cleaning must be clearly warned when a fabric includes acrylic yarns. This is not only the safest and effective method of cleaning, however the process is fast too. As a dry cleaning method is employed, your curtains are useable as soon as we have finished. We also provide commercial Curtain Cleaning services in Melbourne like State Sports Centre, Admiralty House etc.

If you don't have time for curtain cleaning at home or office, we can also pick up your curtains for laundry cleaning and rehang curtains back.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne removes stains, Dirt and soiled areas, kills Dust mites, Fungal Spores and 99.9% of Bacteria. We specialize in professional steam curtain cleaning melbourne using proper techniques for the purpose. Our Unique equipment and Steam Cleaning Method involves agitating the dirt particles through Hot and Dry Steam injection and Extraction at the same time. This method not only ensures the removal of Stains, Dirt, dead skin cells that feed Dust mites but also sanitizes the Curtains by ridding them off the Dust mites, Fungal Spores and other Micro-organisms.

Our steam cleaning method is a process consists of spraying hot cleaning solution into the curtain and recovering the solution with a powerful vacuum. The hot water, along with the suction power of the vacuum, forms a steam that will clean the curtain and at the same time, dries it up.

Steam Cleaning enhances the life of your Curtains. Steam Cleaning is 100% Green and thus safe for your Family's health and our Environment. It save massively on Water. Curtains acts as an air filter, they catch airborne dust and odors that affects the people inside your home or work area. Another notable benefit that comes from using professional curtain cleaning is that it is an incredibly effective way to dust and allergens deeply from your curtains.

On Site Curtain Cleaning Melbourne :

Using our on site curtains and drapes cleaning service we make your curtains clean where they hang, there is no need to take down at all and thus eliminates the tension of re hanging curtains. The furnishings are in our care, we will comply with all the manufacturers care label instructions to preserve your fabrics and window furnishings looking as good as new with no shrinkage or color.

Off Site Curtain Cleaning Melbourne :

We offer a full take down, clean and rehang service on all curtains, overhead treatments. We can, where required, provide an on site cleaning service for curtains, but we do recommend a full dry clean for superior results. Basic repairs and hook replacement will also be included when we clean your furnishings.

If your home seems to be in renovating or some other process where our team come to your home, pickup, dry clean and and reinstall your window furnishings and drapes within a short period of time.

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Drapes Cleaning Melbourne

At Lotus Cleaning Melbourne, we have a comprehensive drapes cleaning service caring for the needs of homeowners, businesses, churches, and schools. Our attentive customer service staff will make note of any special instructions that you have for the cleaning process.

We are a professional drapes cleaning Melbourne with 10 years of experience in the field. We can clean, sanitize, deodorize and repair your curtains by using advanced techniques and sophisticated equipment. Whatever service that you want to avail, be it general cleaning or mold treatment, we are here to help you out. All our processes are safe and do not result in shrinkage or color loss.

Our dedicated and trustworthy staff at Lotus Cleaning is ready to care for all of your drapes. No job is too big for our efficient staff. Our certified and trained Curtain Cleaners Melbourne are also expert for flameproofing curtains & drapes.

Call 0425 029 990 new messages today, get a free price quote for the cleaning of your drapes.

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Lotus Cleaning Melbourne offers quality services for all types of Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

  • Eyelet Curtain Cleaning

  • Sheer Curtain Cleaning

  • Double Box Pleated Curtain Cleaning

  • Pencil Pleat Curtain Cleaning

  • Cased Heading Curtain Cleaning

  • Goblet Pleat Curtain Cleaning

  • Linings Curtain Cleaning

Local Curtain Cleaners Melbourne

At Lotus Curtain and Blind Cleaning Melbourne, We do not use any harmful chemicals and is therefore, environment-friendly. The consequence of the process will bring about a marked improvement in the overall atmosphere inside your home.

Our professional Curtain Cleaners Melbourne makes your curtains hygienic and saves you from various allergies. All cleaners are certified and well trained to use advanced equipments and techniques for cleaning curtains and drapes cleaning.

We guarantee after we left your premises your curtains will look, smell and feel great. The processes do not require curtains to be taken down and out of your home, all methods will be completed successfully simply try our services and bring over to its quality.

  • 100% no shrinkage

  • No downtime

  • Affordable rates

  • Anti dustmite

  • Service is quick and efficient

  • Incredible results

  • No risks of colour runs

  • Curtain fabric / outlook will remain the same – will not crease due to the need to fold

  • Qualified team

  • State of the art equipment

We realise that your time is valuable so, when we do clean curtains in site, our cleaning technicians call the client on the appointed day to confirm arrival time. On completing the work, we also ask our clients to speak to our head office and confirm that they are delighted with the results before the technician leaves the premises.

Once curtains have undergone stain removal, cleaning and are looking their best again it makes sense to keep them that way by applying a Stainshield carpet or fabric protector to resist rapid re-soiling and staining.

Save your valuable time by Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Lotus Cleaning provides you Same Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne in this suburbs also richmond and brighton Our leading experts are available throughout 24/7 for Curtain Cleaning Melbourne, any day and time. You can contact us on 0425 029 990 new messages around the clock. It is important to keep in mind that curtain cleaning is a very time consuming task if you want do properly. Therefore, it is always recommended to hired a certified curtain cleaning to clean those curtains for you. This will save your valuable time so can invest in other important tasks knowing that your curtains are in good hands. You discuss your needs at length with a friendly and helpful member of our team. They will tell you all that you want to know and provide you with details about our methods and pricing system. Just get in touch whenever you want either over the phone or by filling out our Inquiry form. It takes only a minute.

great job

  • 17 March 2017
  • They were on time and did a great job for exactly what they quoted to me on the phone. Do not hesitate to call!
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