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Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides professional Carpet cleaning & Carpet Protection services by expert Carpet Cleaners Melbourne. We have performed expert Carpet Steam Cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning and Rug Cleaning for domestic and commercial premises.
We have extensive experience for cleaning all types of carpets and provide high quality carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.
Nothing feels better under your feet or improves the look of your home like new carpeting. The number of people and pets in your household will determine how long your carpet looks and feels great, as everyday contaminants such as dirt, dander, hair and dust accumulate in the fibers. Bring new life back to your flooring with expert carpet care and cleaning from Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

Applying the right method of cleaning to your carper is vital. Some methods leave residues that promote rapid re-soiling and spoil the appearance of your carpet. Our certified Carpet Cleaners Melbourne are well trained and knowledgable for selecting correct Carpet cleaning method according to carpet materials.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Melbourne :
Our carpet cleaner Melbourne will visually inspect your carpet. They will identify potential permanent stains and give you evaluation of expected results. Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.
We use the latest carpet cleaning equipment, materials and technics which will  ensure that your carpets retain their optimal colour and appearance. Lotus carpet cleaning Melbourne team is fully trained and highly motivated in professional carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning and capet stain removal. 

We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning Melbourne, including :

  • High Traffic Cleaning – If you’re having a problem with high-traffic areas looking worn out, set up regular cleaning services to extend the life of your carpet. Every business has high-traffic areas that see substantially more wear than the rest of the carpet in the building. 

  • Carpet Deodorization – Our equipments and professional-strength carpet deodorizers can neutralize even the toughest odors—eliminating them at the source. Over time, carpet absorbs odors and these odors can be very difficult to remove without the proper equipment. 

  • Spot Cleaning – If you’ve had a spill that has caused unsightly stains, our spot treatment services are an effective way to get your carpet back to normal without breaking down its fibers.

  • Carpet Sanitizing –When cleaning your carpets it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the cleaning and include sanitization and disinfection to your carpet cleaning treatment. Benefect is a non-toxic, and environmentally friendly product, guaranteed to kills over 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mould & fungal spores. We use the best carpet santizing and disinfecting product on the market. 

  • Carpet Protection – Our carpet protection solution essentially creates a shield around your carpet fibers that make it more difficult for dirt or fluids to infiltrate. After we have cleaned your carpets, we can apply a professional-strength carpet protection solution that helps your carpet resist spills, dirt, and daily wear and tear. 

  • Complete Cleaning – If you haven’t your carpets cleaned in a while and you want to give your carpet fresh new look, we can provide complete carpet cleaning.

We offer the following specialist Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services :

  •     Dry Foam or Dry Cleaning

  •     Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

  •     Rotary Shampoo

  •     Pile Lifting

  •     Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Rotary Shampoo

  •     Absorbent Dry Compound Powder System

  •     Bonnet/Pad Cleaning

We are professionally equipped with the latest machinery and all the necessary chemicals, which are non toxic and Eco friendly are specifically selected to best Carpet Cleaning services in Melbourne to all of our customers.

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Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Stain removal is part of our carpet cleaning services we offer to customers in Melbourne. In case you wonder how to clean a carpet stain, call us on 0425 029 990 today. We provide stains removal services to both commercial and residential customers, in Melbourne. We, Melbourne Carpet Cleaning services can send a team of expert carpet technicians and help you remove any spot or blemish off your home carpet. These include professional removal of common stains, such as those made by pets, for example, as well as of industrial-strength.

Here you can read about the whole procedure of Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne perform.

  • A pre-inspection : Our team will inspect the carpet in order to let you know what can or cannot be done.

  • Moving Furniture : Light furniture will be moved away – at the end of the process we will return it on its place. Of course, we will not move anything heavy or breakable.

  • Pre-treatment : The cleaning process begins with pre-treatment with a safe solution.

  • Cleaning : We use Rotovac equipment for a thorough deep cleaning of carpets.

  • Post-inspection : Final look at the job along with you in order to find and clean anything left that can be removed.

  • Protect and grooming : If needed, foam blocks and plastics will be placed under furniture legs to protect the finish from bleeding onto the carpet during the drying process.

Scotchguard will keep your carpet and clean and safe for a long time. We also provide Carpet Scotchguard services which is designed For better carpet protection. Protect the carpet against stains based on oil and water, resist soiling, resist stains and carpet to stay cleaner longer, Scotchguard Create an invisible barrier between fabric and stains and prevent dirt from sticking to fibers.

Types of Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
1. Hot Water Extraction / Carpet Steam Cleaning  Melbourne

Professional deep steam carpet cleaning. Best prices in Melbourne. Guarantee

The carpet cleaning method we use is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. On Site Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, Call us now at 0425 029 990 to book carpet steam cleaning at the best price in Melbourne! Our Carpet Steam Cleaning technicians will fully inspect your carpets before making a decision on the type of detergent to apply to a particular stain. If you have been searching for high quality Carpet Cleaning Melbourne then you have come to the right place. Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides professional carpet steam cleaning services. This method is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer.

2. Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Your carpets can be clean and odour-free without waiting for them to dry. Carpet Dry Cleaning service has following benefits :

  • Carpets ready for immediate use
  • Spots and stains will not return
  • Carpet life extended
  • Safe for babies, pets and allergy sufferers
  • Reduces indoor allergens

We also offer Same day Carpet Cleaning  Melbourne.

3. Rug  Cleaning  Melbourne

At Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, our technicians are trained to take professional care with all kinds of rug cleaning – even those with the most delicate or expensive fibres. We carry a full range of specialised detergents to make sure your precious soft flooring will not be damaged in any way. We clean all types of Rugs of any fabrics.

4. Carpet Repair Melbourne

Damaged, wrinkled, ripped, torn, or frayed carpet? You don't have to replace your carpet, Lotus Cleaning Melbourne can repair it. Call on 0425 029 990 or send us your query by fill our Inquiry form


Domestic / Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Residential carpet cleaning by Lotus cleaning Melbourne service will bring back that fresh look your carpets once had. No matter the size of the home or the style of carpeting, we can deliver the highest quality carpet cleaning possible. Removing foul odors and deep down ground in dirt is our specialty. We leave your home with clean carpets and a fresh scent that it’s allergy free. We really care about the quality of our carpet cleaning, our professional technicians take extra time on your heavy traffic areas. With different grades and quality of carpet you can rest assure that our cleaning agents and products are designed to protect your carpeting. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpets take a beating with heavy foot traffic, spills, sand, salt, water and other messes that can make them look dirty and worn. Regular, professional commercial carpet cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking beautiful for their lifetime. We work with large carpeted areas typically found in an office, and can readily handle as well.

Our team of professional Carpet cleaners Melbourne handle a variety of commercial spaces. Each type of surface requires different handling, and our team is expertly trained in all types of carpet flooring so they know the best solution for each product. Our trained carpet cleaners Melbourne will go over every square foot of your office to make sure that no spots or stains are missed.

We are experts in carpet stain removal. For your convenience, you can schedule a cleaning appointment with us in 24/7. You get various benefits with Lotus Cleaning Melbourne :

  • Customized maintenance programs available

  • Professionally trained commercial cleaning technicians

  • We clean around your business schedule

  • Fully licensed and insured cleaning company

At Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we use modern Rotovac equipment and hot water extraction, the method preferred by most carpet manufacturers. Our cleaning agents are safe, gentle, and allergen-free. We service all across Melbourne. Just call us on 0425 029 990 and we will take care of your carpets and make them look good as new again.

Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Features

We only use environment friendly professional equipment, methods and products to ensure the safety of you, your visitors, your family and your pets. Fantastic Services, our expert Carpet Cleaners Melbourne know the right cleaning methods and products to use to achieve the best quality results.

  • Special rates available for landlords and agencies – just call on 0425 029 990 for more details

  • We also offer stain removal, deodorization and protection for your carpets and rugs.

  • All our professional carpet cleaning Melbourne services are provided by staff that have been fully trained and certified by the experts.

  • Friendly customer support on hand 24/7

  • We offer affordable prices and flexible payment methods

  • We only use the most effective equipment and detergents – products.

  • We’re available on weekdays, weekends and Holidays

Local Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

Lotus carpet cleaners Melbourne will always arrive on time in your household or commercial property and save the time. We strive to deliver quality carpet cleaning service in Melbourne and win your trust by satisfying even the highest expectations of our customers because nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction. The team here at Lotus Carpet Cleaning Melbourne know the best ways to clean carpets, we know what the best methods of cleaning are and we know which products you should and shouldn’t be using. 

cleaning experts

  • 20 March 2017
  • I've called Lotus Cleaning for 2 occasions to clean my second floor and stairway Berber carpeting. It always looks like new after they've finished. They're courteous, fast and thorough. Highly recommend!
  • - eli

Good work

  • 03 September 2016
  • Your steam dry cleaning on Carpet is very good
  • - Ruby


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